Website Design

The process is very easy. You can call us at 561-666-7524, and we will be glad to help you.

5 page websites are completed within 7-10 business days. The 8-10 page websites are completed within 15 business days. All other websites will vary according to design requirements and size. 

Login to the my account page and submit a support ticket. Support tickets are handled in the order that they are received. Support tickets are normally resolved within 48hrs but we ask our customers to allow up to three business days to resolve any  technical matters.

We are open Monday to Friday 8am – 11pm EST. Our support team is available 24hrs to handle support tickets.

Our monthly website maintenance plan includes monthly hosting, 24hr security protection, routine site checks, daily/weekly backups, security scans, correct security patches, theme updates, plugin updates, update/repair broken links, monthly website analytics, and database optimization.

Please sign into the my account page, submit a support ticket, and upload the desired documents along with written instructions to our support team. Changes are normally made within 48 hours, but we do ask our customers to allow up to 3 business days for any website changes.

Yes, you can cancel your monthly hosting and maintenance service at anytime. 

No, our website design packages do not include copywriting content. The packages only include the design and development of the website. You may prepare the content yourself and upload it to us. We also offer professional copywriting services at a rate of 7 cents per word.

Domain privacy offers the registered domain owner privacy protection, in that the owners name is never revealed and kept private.

An SSL Certificate provide secure, encrypted communications between a website and internet browser.

Once your website has been completed, the cost of adding on a new page is $90.00 per page. 

Yes, we do offer blogging services. Blogging services are provided by Article Marketplace.

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